“Every child is an artist. the problem is how to remain an artist once he or she grows up”
—Pablo Picasso

From the beginning of times I’ve been obsessed with fairytales. Mythology, folklore, legends, novels…I just love stories! Stories of different people, of different times, different lands, different worlds. Stories that make our imagination wonder mysterious places and let us dream of other lives. Stories of Heroes and Villains, of Monsters and men, of Wicked Witches, Queens of Hearts, poisoned apples and pixie dust…

Do you remember who you were when you were a little kid?

When we were kids we knew anything was possible, we believed in Magic. Back then it was the only logical thing. We believed in ghosts, witches, wizards, ogres, fairies and knights…

Do you remember when the monsters looked like monsters and not like men in suits and briefcases? When Villains were defeated by the good guys, Witches and Giants were tricked by tricksters kids and dragons were slayed by fearless heroes?

I never cared for Princesses or Prince Charmings but I always loved a badass Hero. My kind of heroes though were guys like Pan and Robin Hood and Romeo; I liked their weaknesses and imperfections, they were so human. they may fuck up here and there but they still saved the day in the end, they made their people happy and sometime they’d even die for their cause, for what they loved. They never conformed or accepted unfairness but most importantly, they never really grew up and eventually became legends.

Do you remember when you firmly believed you had a superpower and you could save the world all by yourself?

Our world was so much bigger then, infinite, not contaminated by outer bullshit and beliefs. We didn’t care, we just wanted to play and have fun and be happy…

Why have we changed that? What is growing up really all about? Money and worrying and controlling and hating? Adulthood doesn’t seem such a happy place sometimes. Being eternal Peter Pans though? that why not?! He seemed to have a pretty fucking good time to me!

Why did we stop believing in magic?  Why did we stop believing in heroes and happy endings?

Once upon a time we all `started believing life is too serious to play and we forgot what lies within each and every single one of us: the little kid we used to be. That kid can make magic happen.

There will always be villains trying to suck the magic away but there will always be badass heroes fighting with all they’ve got for getting it back.

Aahh, the eternal Good Vs Evil drama… the world would be so much better if only we could all just let each other have our own damn happy ending!

I still believe in heroes and I still believe in Magic! Today my heroes are not dragon slayers anymore, they turned into Artists, Writers, Musicians, Creatives, Dreamers, Visionaries. People that have the balls to be different, to decondition their thinking and say what they want to say. People that will leave the world richer. People that make things. People that help people being happier. Those that dare go down the rabbit hole to bring some magic back to re-enchant our unmagical world, wether they do it with a magic wand, a catchy song or with just a smile.

Be a hero, everyday, for yourself, for your family & friends, for all of us.

Remeber who you were when you were a little kid!