Are you an outdoorsy type chasing that thrilling and addictive adrenaline rush? Saalbach, Austria might just be the perfect place for you!

A few weeks ago I participated to a very cool project organized by Saalbach’s tourism board called  Storybase. They gathered a group of  20 creatives to show the region from all of our different perspective. We all stayed in a beautiful huge mountain lodge in the center of the village, it was inspiring to get to know some of these talented people.

The project lasted for 10 days but I could only join for 3 days; it was a short stay but jammed-packed of activities and though there is so much more to do than what I had time to experience, here’s a mini guide on how to spend weekend in Saalbach!


Drive all the way up to une of the mountains, sit on the grass and enjoy the show!


There are many different trails all over the area, some are pretty easy, some are quite hard. The toughest but most beautiful hike is definitely the Seven Summit Tour. The view is worth the sweat I promise!


When I was a kid my family had a ranch in the Italian Alps, i spent most of my childhood’s summers among horses so of course I opted for going horseback riding through the mountains.


This was by far one of the coolest experience of my life…scary af but so so cool!! Basically we were sitting on the helicopter with our legs hanging out (obviously we were safely tight, we were wearing a harness and we were hooked to the seats), my knees were shaking and i had vertigoes like crazy for the first few minutes but once I got over my fear I was mesmerized by the view. I highly recommend trying this at least once in your life!

I almost went paragliding but the wind changed right when I was about to go up so unfortunately we had to cancel the flight, such a bummer 😭

I only had time to experiencing those few things but there are a ton of other activities available for visitors in the summer: biking, climbing, hang-gliding, and much much more.

The region is incredibly beautiful and scenic and it has a lot to offer both in the summer and in the winter, so if you happen to be in Austria make sure to go have some adventures in Saalbach!


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