Hey guys! My name is Sara Melotti,  Among many things I’m an Artist, a former dancer, a photographer, a writer, a traveler, a dreamer and I’m the creator of Quest for Beauty.



I was born and raised in Northern Italy , in a city right at the bottom of the alps.

I have been dancing for most of my life and I moved to LA right out of high school to pursue a career in contemporary dance. Eventually, because of Injuries I had to stop dancing. Coincidentally I was given a camera around that time and I found new purpose into photography, venturing down the fashion photography lane at first given the feminine nature of my vision. I turned my newly found passion into a full time career within a few months from the first click and after moving from LA to Vegas to London I decided to call NYC my home.

I had been working as a fashion photographer for 3 years when one day I started to feel torn inside as I realized the kind of images I was producing were contributing to create very unrealistic standards of beauty that made countless women suffer. I didn’t want to be part of that machine anymore so I decided to put my skills to use and actively do something about the issue.

In October 2015 I created QUEST FOR BEAUTY and I started traveling the world photographing everyday women immerse in their everyday life to show that real beauty can be found in every woman no matter the age, size, bone structure, skin tone or background.

Since then my work and my passion for Travel have taken me across the world, from NYC to Vietnam, to Morocco to Cuba and many more countries in between.

In December 2016 I decided to leave my life in NYC to be on the road and pursuing my project full time. The rest of the story has yet to be written ✨


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