purchase viagra Hey guys! My name is Sara Melotti,  Among many things I’m an Artist, a former dancer, a photographer, a writer, a traveler, a dreamer and I’m the creator of Quest for Beauty.

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best 10 online canadian pharmacies I was born and raised in Northern Italy. I have been dancing for most of my life and I moved to LA right out of high school to pursue a career in contemporary dance. Eventually, because of Injuries I had to stop dancing. Coincidentally I was given a camera around that time and I found new purpose into photography, venturing down the fashion photography lane at first, turning my newly found passion into a full time career within a few months from the first click levitra online.

http://mdhta.com/gavamuda After 3 years working as a fashion photographer one day I started to feel torn inside as I realized the kind of images I was producing were contributing to create very unrealistic standards of beauty that made countless women suffer order viagra.

best canadian online pharmacies In October 2015 I left the fashion industry and I created QUEST FOR BEAUTY, a personal project, I started traveling the world photographing everyday women immerse in their everyday life to understand what beauty meant to them. canadian pharmacies

buy viagra online Since then my work has taken me across the world, from NYC to Vietnam, to Morocco to Cuba to Iran and many more countries in between canadian pharmacy drugs online.

http://dykast.us/wyxidoxyg Throughout the years I developed a good and organic following on social media, also thanks to my controversial expose article ‘Instagram created a monster’ who got me mentions in the New York Times, Daily Mail, Vanity Fair, Huffington Post, Sunday Times and many more.

I’m now based in Italy and keep traveling, working with brands, agencies and NGOs, telling stories and creating something meaningful as honestly and authentically as I can. http://behindthequest.com/talysop

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canadian pharmaceuticals online reviews Follow my adventures on INSTAGRAM!



buy generic viagra pills online You can read all my interviews in the press page



Let me tell your story! vardenafil

Are you a brand, an agency, an NGO, a tour operator that is looking to tell a story or expand your reach? We can work together! Find out how here

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