It’s been two years since my first trip to Hong Kong, a trip I will never forget. Things were very different then, this blog didn’t exist yet, I was in a transitional time of my life, I had just started my Quest for Beauty and I was about to leave the fashion photography world. What brought me to Hong Kong was in fact my last job as a fashion photographer. I flew on new years eve, when midnight stroke in NYC I was somewhere above China, they didn’t say anything on the plane, not a ‘Happy New Year’ not a glass of champagne and when I landed I found myself in 2016. It was a strange feeling not having that transitory celebration moment, it was kind of like the year never ended for me and now I was in another world…Hong Kong!

Counting 7 million people, Hong kong is one of the most packed cities on earth. Fast pace, small spaces, crowded places. As I got off the Airport Express (a 25 minutes ride that costs only $13) I was catapulted in a cauldron of people, streets, lights, smells, noises and grit. I walked up 9 stories to get to my airbnb in Sham Shui Po; my host, Nicolas, was a cool guy from Switzerland, he brought me to the rooftop we climbed up an unstable dodgy ladder sat on two tiny plastic chairs and had a beer and a deep conversation about traveling and  the concept of home, while overlooking the busy streets of Kowloon. A great start to a great trip!

I spent the following two weeks between working on set, shooting in the streets for my project and exploring the city and its surroundings. I went to Tai O—a small picturesque fishing village west of Hong Kong Island—and to see the Big Buddha (or Tin Tan Buddha, basically a total tourist trap). I walked through the street markets of Temple Street, enjoyed the view from Victoria Peak and the peace in Nan Lian Park and Man Mo Temple; But above all, I spent my time eating like a damn pig because, let’s face it, any kind of food in HK is just fucking amazing!