What’s on your shelf this month? Here’s a list of 5 books I’ve read recently that would make the perfect summer read for your approaching vacations!


One more day before I’m off to a new adventure, India is calling, it’s time to pack, and guess what’s one of the first thing I’ll put in my backpack? Books obviously!

I wish I was one of those people who can read on a kindle, that would solve so many of my travel-weight problems but unfortunately I need to feel paper under my fingertips. Books are often my best travel companions, i love getting lost in someone’s words and turning the page while on a dodgy train ride towards some forgotten land or while waiting for the next flight at the airport or while sitting in a local restaurant sipping chai. 

With August approaching I’m sure many of you are about to get out of the city for some well deserved vacation and travel somewhere beautiful, and what better time than time off to read, so here are my recs for books that will keep you company wherever you’ll be…


A COOK’S TOUR by Anthony Bourdain

It’s still painful to write his name. I read this on my last trip to Myanmar, before he was gone, before i knew this would be the last book I’ll ever read from him. 

This book is a collection of essays he wrote while filming his first show “A Cook’s Tour” when he set out on a quest for the perfect meal across the globe. As always he’s real, raw and unapologetically himself. \

Oh Tony 💔 


THE CIRCLE by Dave Eggers

I don’t read much fiction unfortunately but a few weeks ago I was in a book store in Milan with a friend and he bought me this book since he loved it and thought that—considering all my instagram bs talks—this was the perfect time for me to read it.

Guys, it blew my mind! ‘The Circle’ is a dark dystopian tech novel that dips in the right to privacy in a world where connection is almost manditory.  it’s fiction but it’s so damn scarily contemporary and not so far from where we are headed with social media…


RECOVERY by Russell Brand

A revisitation of the 12 steps program by one of my favorite enlightened folks out there today. A great read for anyone struggling with any kind of addiction. [My current addiction is unfortunately social media and this book is helping me a lot!]

In his own words “This manual for self-realization comes not from a mountain but from the mud…My qualification is not that I am better than you but I am worse.” Russell Brand



MILK & HONEY by Rupi Kaur

A book of beautiful poems from a hyper successful young indian/canadian artist that, like many of us, dealt with violence and abuse in her life

If you like poetry (why wouldn’t you?!) pack it and go!





LA LUNA by Roberta Zanetti

A book about the moon and moon phases. Basically an instruction manual to help you create the life you have yet to imagine. I might be a bit biased cause Roberta is one of my dearest friend, but it’s a very useful and easy read that—if used properly—can really make a difference in getting clearer about what you want in life and more focused towards getting it.




As always, if you have any books recommendations leave them in the comments, I’d love some new inspiration!

Have an amazing summer you guys! *and read a lot!) 💋

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