One of the questions I get asked the most is “How do you take your instagram pictures when you are alone?” so I made a video to show you exactly what goes on behind the scenes, and as usual… it ain’t glamorous!

This is the process in a notch:

  • If I’m shooting in touristy places I have to get up for sunrise to avoid the crowds and get a clean shot.
  • I chose the location
  • I change my clothes (My days as a fashion photographer taught me that the right outfit can change complitely the look and feel of the image!)
  • I set up my camera and put it on the tripod.
  • I set the timer for 10 seconds (sometime I have a remote but I can’t go very far or it won’t work)
  • I Run in frame.
  • I repeat the process until I’m happy with the shot.
  • Once I’m done I go and have breakfast (my favorite part of the shoot 😋)

I prefer when I have someone around, it’s so much work to do it all by myself and a bit nerve-wracking when I do it in places where there are other people, so I usually try to have bring friends with me or I might even stop a stranger if the situation is right (I have no shame!)  


know many of you know but I can’t say this enough: all the pretty pics you see on instagram are fake, staged and constructed. They don’t capture a picture perfect moment of our life, they are a constructed moment and we stop our life to create them! So if when scrolling down your feed you start feeling like shit about your life, remember this video and how ridiculous it all is, and feel better already, ok?! 😉 

Take a look at the video and if you like it go on youtube and subscribe to my channel! 💛