I don’t remember when exactly I started thinking and feeling I wanted to start a youtube channel, it was at least a year and a half ago.

I remember it was after I had started traveling for my project and it was before instagram stories existed. I remember walking down 2nd ave one day and thinking about all the videos I wanted to make, all the things I had to say and how excited I was about it. I felt that tingly feeling inside that I only feel when I’m going in the right direction.

The thought wouldn’t leave me alone but along with the excitement I also felt a good degree of fear and like every other time fear shows up I started doubting myself and making up excuses to delay my new venture: “I don’t know how to film, I don’t know how to edit videos, I feel incredibly uncomfortable in front of the camera, I don’t want to look unprofessional and make a fool of myself”. Every time I thought about filming something, I made up a million other bs rationalizations to talk me out of it.

Months went buy and I would try to film here and there but I always felt stupid and incredibly narcissistic every time I pointed the camera to my face and I ended up setting it down. After a year I was still letting fear guiding me and try to push away this recurring idea I had in my head.

Last month though something finally moved! I took a few weeks off, in Hoi An , to sit down and start writing my book (other thing i’m professionally procrastinating on!) and while I was having a consulting session on skype with a client, I heard myself telling her “the only way you are going to start doing it it’s to just do it!” and I instantly felt like a fucking hypocrite: I’m preaching the ‘follow your dreams to the end of the world” mantra to everyone and yet I haven’t been able to film a single video. Impostor syndrome is a bitch but it’s also a huge motivator to get shit done for me sometime. So the minute I hung up, I grabbed my camera, put it on a tripod and started filming!

When I was done I felt like a giant stone moved out of the way and I started filming videos like a maniac!

And here I am today, finally opening my youtube channel!!


This channel is simply an extension to my instagram stories. There I only have 15 seconds blocks, which is pretty limitative, on youtube though I can show you guys a lot more and I can say a lot more.

I’ll make videos about travel, vlogs about my trips, behind the scenes of my shoots and my life (real life!), there will be a few educational videos about photography and editing, some stuff about living a creative life, being freelancer, meditation, cultures and people and probably a lot of rants!

I hope you’ll come along for this journey too guys!

Take a look at the channel and pleas please please subscribe! See ya there 😘