Lately, between recent trips and major life changes, I didn’t get much time to read. When that happens I feel a little unbalanced and uninspired. This month I’m spending some time in my hometown in Italy, while I get ready for my next adventure in Asia and I can unwind a little and get back to my books!

Here are some inspiring books I read over the last crazy busy months:

A FILED GUIDE TO LUCID DREAMING by Dylan Tucillo, Jared Zeizel & Thomas Peisel

If you are not familiar with lucid dreaming get ready to explore a whole new world! A lucid dream is basically a dream where the dreamer becomes aware of dreaming, and when that happens is possible to take control of the dream and do all sorts of cool things (flying, teleport, pass through walls, meeting people from the past, have sex with whoever you want, etc) and when you master this art you can allegedly access some really deep and mysterious realms of your psyche! I’ve been trying to lucid dream for years unsuccessfully but this books is full of tricks and techniques to become a pro Onieronaut!


THE END IS MY BEGINNING by Tiziano Terzani 

One of the best book I read in years! Tiziano Terzani was an Italian war journalist who spend over 30 years in Asia. In his late 50s he was diagnosed with cancer. He retired in solitude in a hut in the Himalaya for years and he came to the conclusion that his cancer had been a blessing instead of a course “For me this cancer had been a big blessing, because before I fell into life’s routine, this cancer saved me”. He later returned to Italy to spend his last days in his vacation home at L’Orsigna. 

The book is a transcript of his last conversations with his son, Folco, where he tells him everything he learnt throughout his life. Every page encloses incredible wisdom and inspiration.



I’m a huge Neil Gaiman’s fan so you can imagine how happy I was when he released his first non-fiction book! This is a collection of speeches, introductions and journalistic piece he wrote over the years, one more inspiring than the other!



ON THE ROAD by Jack Kerouac

A classic! I’m sure you don’t need me to tell you what this book is about!

I read this a long long time ago i think it was the first year of high school at the peek of my obsession with anything Americana! But last month I went on an epic roadtrip in the American West and I couldn’t not read this again!



THE NASTY BITS by Anthony Bourdain

If you read this blog often and follow my Instagram stories you know that I am completely obsessed with this man!  I’m sure you know who he is but if you don’t and you’re a traveler go watch every single episode of his show asap!! Not only he has the best job in the world but he’s cool af and a damn good writer!

This is a collection of pieces he wrote over the years.




What books are you reading right now? Any suggestion? write them in the comment!