Hey guys! Since I can’t always reply to all your questions on instagram, I grouped them up in this post!If I missed anything leave a comment below with your new question.


What Camera and lenses do you use?

Canon 5d mark ii , 85mm 1.2 for my portraits and 24-70mm2.8 for anything else. You can see my full equipment list here.


Did you go to school for photography?

No. I watched a few videos and tutorials on youtube and learnt everything online and by experimenting. I don’t believe in formal teaching for photography, I think the best way to learn is to go out there and do it, not reading and talking about doing it!

Try, make mistakes, fail and fail again and eventually you’ll get it right!


How long have you been doing photography for?

I started doing photography 4 years ago.


What do you use to edit/retouch your images?

I do my selection on lightroom then I bring the pic into photoshop to touch it up (mainly fixing the exposure and color correction).


What’s your career called? What’s your job?

I prefer to say I’m an artist. But on paper I am a professional photographer, a content creator and I write. 


How can you afford to travel so much? How can i do it? 

The short answer is: I work my ass off! I basically use my photography skills to find gigs wherever I go. I reach out to a million brands, travel agencies, private clients etc and find a job to cover my travel expenses (I’ll write an in depth post about this soon!) 

I wish I could give you a formula to follow so you could do what I do but unfortunately I can’t! I got here from a very specific and unique life path (I used to be a dancer, then I started photography and worked as a fashion photographer  in advertising then quit that and started my project Quest for Beauty) and all that brought me here now.


How many country did you visited?

25 so far. Last year I visited 10!


Do you travel alone?

Yes I usually do.  


Are you scared to travel alone?

Absolutely not. I love being alone and by being alone I meet a lot of people and live experiences I wouldn’t live if I was traveling with somebody else.

The world is a much safer place than the media and such make us think! People are really good and nice and you’d be surprise how many people will get out of their own way to help you!


If you travel alone who takes your pictures?

I do. Sometimes I set the camera up on a tripod and put a timer on or use a remote trigger. Sometimes I set the camera up (design, expose and frame the picture) and have a friend or a stranger that just passed by push the button for me (note:pushing a button doesn’t make one a photographer!)


Why there are no tourists in your shots?

Because I wake up before sunrise so I can get on location before the tourists get there!


Where are you from?

I was born and raised in Italy but I moved to the States right when I finished Highschool. Since then I lived in Los Angeles, Las Vegas, London and NYC.


where do you live?

Technically I live in NYC but in December I just gave up my apartment there to pursue my project full time and be on the road indefinitely so as of right now I don’t live anywhere!


Where are your hats from?

The summer one is from an Australian brand called Lack of Colours and the brown one is from forever 21…i need new hats!


What is your favorite country so far?

Vietnam! I can’t quite explain what is it but something about that country makes my heart warm up just thinking about it. The people are incredibly nice and their smiles are somethingI’ll never forget; the landscapes are beautiful; the food is awesome; everything s just amazing there ✨



Any downsides of traveling that much

Hmmm…you get sick sometimes (remember my food poisoning tale?!😂), you won’t see your family and friends, you have to sacrifise comfort, learn to go with the flow and you are often tired and sleep deprived


Where are you heading next?

Asia for a while. I’m leaving for Sri Lanka tomorrow, I’ll be there a few weeks and then i’m headed to India, after that we’ll see where the journey brings me 😊