Hey guys, I have some BIG BIG BIG news to tell you!

Today i am opening a new chapter of my life and starting a new project: Rise & Shine Retreats  which in a notch is the first italian travel agencyspecialized in Trips, Retreats and Workshops for women designed by women travelers!


Two years ago I started traveling and everything changed forever. My life changed, my priorities changed, the way i saw life changed, I changed.

I learnt that I didn’t care what society says I should be doing with my life and that what I really wanted to do with it was to live it fully, to see the world and create things that can make people’s day a little brighter.

I’ve learned that you have to surround yourself with people that make you feel that everything is possible. I’ve learnt it’s very important for a woman to have a tribe of women that support each other.

I’ve learned that everything happens for a reason and that life goes far beyond the material world.

I learned that if we believe in dreams and magic and we learn to love ourselves we can reach heights we never thought we could and we can inspire more people to do the same and join us up high.

A year ago I felt I needed to go to India, I got in touch with an old friend that went there many times and he introduced me to his girlfriend (one of those people that make you feel everything is possible!). Six months later we were all in India together talking about life and magic and how everything is connected. Few months after that she came up with the Rise & Shine idea and today we start a new adventure that proves everything IS possible and we can not only dream of the life we want but we can INVENT it!

Starting in September you guys will be able to travel with me (or with Roberta, Giulia and Elisabetta, you can chose whoever you want!), all of our trips are either spiritual, adventorous or cultural informative  retreats where you’ll leave your world behind to venture with us on a self discovering journey.

I will bring you around the world and show you a different way to travel, my way to travel!

Travel for me is all about growing, becoming a better person, becoming more humble, feeling more empathy, embracing new cultures. And the trips I chose for you will do exactly that for you. Among the destination of 2017/2018 there are Morocco, Cuba, India, China, Japan, Greece, Italy, Iran, Peru, Nepal, Vietnam and Ethiopia. Every trip will have a theme and it will focus on developing a specific aspect of personal growth.

I’ll also teach a few photography workshops, the first one will be in Chefchaouen, Morocco (the blue city) in October followed by one in India. You can find all the info on the website!

I can’t wait to travel together guys!!!

A thank you beyond limits to Roberta Zanetti for coming up with the R&S idea and for trusting me and bringing me on this new journey with you  I can’t wait to see were we are headed!